Warman Chamber Website Launch

Warman Chamber Website Launch

  • February 13, 2014

We are currently active members in the recently started Warman Chamber of Commerce.  We find it a great way for local business to find out about each other, support each other and find ways to improve our local community.  Last night I did a small seminar for Chamber members talking about a few internet and social media technologies.  Essentially it was an entry level introduction to use a starting point for businesses with questions like “what is a tweet?“, “should I be on Facebook”, “do I need a website?”, etc.  It isn’t primarily what we do as a business, but my background provides a level of experience with those items and thought it would be a useful starting point.  After a few jitters, I think things went smoothly.  I hope attendees got out of it what I intended.

It was also our 1 year anniversary as a Chamber this month, so we chose last night to celebrate with a little cake and the launch of the new Warman Chamber Of Commerce website.  I did the web development and currently all the photography work on the website was done by Erin.  So, again, it isn’t primarily what we do, but we wanted to give something back to the Chamber to get things off and running.  We look forward to continuing to be active in both the community and in the Warman Chamber of Commerce and we want to send out a big congrats to the Chamber on celebrating their first anniversary.  Happy Birthday!

Warman Chamber of Commerce Website

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