Use the big camera

Use the big camera

  • January 28, 2018

Professional photographers often don’t use their “big cameras” for their own photos, always citing one reason or another.

I have these amazing tools at my disposal, literally day and night, and I still find myself using my phone because it’s easier and fits in my pocket.  I’m not a huge one for resolutions (clearly, as it’s the end of January) but if I had one, it would be to treat my family with the same wonder and gravity that I give to my client families. Yes a phone probably would have been easier and I did have to put the shave on pause for a moment while I ran for a different lens, but in 10 short minutes this afternoon I was able to create a beautiful and special memory for a father and son.

My son.

His father.

The two people who mean the most to me.

Because I made the effort.  Because I used the big camera.

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