Titan – Round 2

  • October 7, 2011

Well I promised more photos of my favorite-little-Saskatchewanian-living-in-Manitoba, and I refuse to disappoint!  Granted, our morning photo session didn’t go as smoothly as we had hoped, but as with everything related to babies, we had to roll with it…

Titan started his morning by pooping in the bathtub.  Yup, all we wanted for photos was a clean happy baby and what I actually was working with was a twice-bathed, teething, crusty little man who had recently learned to “angry spit” and really only wanted only to run around the living room and kitchen (assisted by Teresa of course because he hasn’t got the whole walking thing nailed yet.)

When he did finally “land” he turned his interest to his shoe rack.  Obviously he demolished it.  Even more obvious is that I photographed it.

Yes, this tiny human did a world of household damage that day but based on the photos you’d never know.  Well, except for the shoe photos… those tell the tale…

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