The Master is Away

Last weekend I created a piece of art for a client. Darlene has had an idea in her head for a painting – one that has stayed with her for years. She calls it “The Master is Away” and it’s a portrait of her father, but not in the traditional sense. It’s his prized possessions that become the placeholders for him now that he’s gone. His violin has seen better days – there are only two strings attached – but the emotions attached to it are still fresh. An afternoon in the basement messing with props and lights, and a couple of evenings retouching and adding some texture, and voila! I’m thrilled with the outcome and can’t wait to get the finished piece back to Nipawin and hung above the buffet in the photo. The violin will be traveling soon also. One of the great-grandkids is going to learn to play. Hopefully The Master is watching.

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