Sometimes you make lemonade

  • August 1, 2011

Everyone knows that children don’t adhere to the plans their parents make.  Sometimes, for whatever reason, they know what you want them to do and choose to do the exact opposite.  This causes stress on parents and can turn a photography session south in a hurry.  What you need to realize is this.  I only need 1/125 of a second to take a photo where nobody is crying and/or looking stressed.  That’s it.  1/125.  Sounds pretty reasonable, right?

Case in point:  last week’s engagement session for Christopher and Dawn.  From the moment I arrived until the moment I left, Corbyn wanted nothing to do with cameras or photos or pleasantries.  He didn’t want his mom.  He didn’t want his dad.  He didn’t want his big brother Darien.  He wanted me to leave.

So, we tricked him.

Poor Chris got a workout running back and forth with Corbyn in order to keep him from crying, and I looked like a fool jumping around and making crazy faces for him.  My only rule was this:  Look at me and keep smiling.  I’ll get the baby.  1/125 of a second at a time, we got some great shots.  The photos are fun and casual, and show a couple and a family very much in love.  Even Maple the family’s allegedly ill-tempered kitty (though she was nothing but sweet to me!) wanted to be in the photos.

I love a challenge and this one was worth it!  Definite lemonade.

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