Sexy boudoir session ends in giggles…

  • August 23, 2011

Earlier this summer, I did some boudoir photos for a client.  We spent lots of time preparing and talked about what she wanted and what I could do for her.  We went back and forth on locations until we lucked out and found an empty house slated for demolition. Funny thing is, we weren’t the only ones interested in getting inside.  At the tail end of our shoot, a fireman showed up to prep the house for that night’s training exercises.  When he arrived, there was lingerie all over the place and lights and equipment blocking the doorway… he was as surprised and embarrassed as we were!  It was a small misunderstanding on the part of the realtor, and we all rolled with it – we were nearly finished anyhow – but the giggles still creep on my client and I today as we picture that poor embarrassed man.  Now if only it had been a whole group of firemen… in uniform… sigh.  You can’t ask for props like that!!

The photos are stunning because she is stunning.  (She’s also quite shy and so I’ve agreed to only show the “anonymous” photos of her.)

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