New product – custom smartphone cases!!

New product – custom smartphone cases!!

  • December 1, 2011

It’s official, kids.  Finelite is offering custom cases for iPhone 3 & 4, iPod 4G, Samsung Galaxy, and Blackberry 8520, 9700 & 9900!  What better way to show off your loved ones or to promote your business than with a slick new photographic case for your most important accessory?  Cases are custom designed to suit your needs and can include photographs from Finelite sessions or your own digital photographs.

These cases are very well made and stand up to the abuse that we dole out on our phones everyday.  I’ve been “testing” one of the iPhone 4 cases for a few weeks now and I’m very pleased with how it’s holding up.  There’s barely a scratch on it and trust me, I have not been gentle with it – sorry, phone!!

The iPhone cases are available in a low profile design (like the one pictured) or in a beefier, tougher design.  (I’ve got one on order and will update when I get it!)  The iPhone 4 case is also available with a slot to hold business cards. (Again, on order and will update when I get it!)  The iPod, Blackberry and Samsung Galaxy cases are currently only available in the low profile design.

Cases cost about $40 each.  Contact Finelite for exact prices and requirements.  Yay for cool stuff!!!


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