make time

make time

  • November 23, 2018

Every year in Warman, I schedule a hockey photo blitz.  I spend an entire day shooting and get as many teams photographed as I can.  This year, I had a full schedule of teams booked over the course of the morning and afternoon and it felt like it was going to be a back to back sort of day.  A few days prior though, we had a timing shuffle for some of the teams, leaving me with a 90 minute window right smack in the centre of my day.  My first thought?  Sweet!  Long lunch break!  And then I heard from Jeannine.

Jeannine came referred from another client-turned-friend and wanted to get some outdoor family photos done before winter hit.  She asked about any availability that I had left and would I be able to squeeze them in sometime in the coming weeks.  My long term schedule at that point was fairly booked, but I had that 90 minute window on hockey photo day… so I offered it.  She jumped on it and we met face to face 3 days later at her photo session.

The beauty of a short notice photo session is not being able to overthink it.  You show up in clean clothes and you trust me to make you look awesome.  I can tell you one thing – this was one of the fastest sessions I’ve ever done for a family.  The wind was howling and it was getting colder and colder as the day wore on.  The photos are magic though.  The light… the joy… the love… they’re some of my all time favs.

So, reinforced again is the idea of making time now for photo sessions.  You don’t need to plan weeks and weeks ahead and order new outfits online and get your manicure touched up and groom the dogs and get haircuts for the kiddos… Just make time.


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