just in case I don’t say it enough…

just in case I don’t say it enough…

  • October 30, 2015

FamilySmSo here I am, a month late for the “I’m thankful for…” posts, but feeling thankful enough that I want to say it anyway.

I am married to a wonderful man.  I’m also married to my tech and web support.  (It’s the same guy for those of you who are making big crazy eyes at your computer screen and tsking!)  Being married to my tech support, I have grown quite accustomed to things just working.  Phrases that routinely get thrown around at my house include but certainly aren’t limited to:

“Hun, my phone is draining the battery really fast, can you look at it? (hands phone over and walks away.)”

“Hun, my external hard drive made a funny clank this morning, can you look at it.” This one was weeks in fixing and included extra backups of photos, a new enclosure ordered, drives tested and retested, and finally installation last night.  The ridiculous thing is that this installation came with an apology – “Sorry, the fan is a little louder than the old one.”  You’re kidding, right??

“Hun, Buffy The Vampire Slayer isn’t working in Plex, did you change something?”   Yes, I love Buffy, what of it?  I watch tv shows while I’m editing photos, so I watch a lot of tv shows.  Also in this vein, “Hun, I’d really love to watch ________.  Can you make that happen? Like, now?” I’m notorious for this one.  Clearly it’s all magic and takes just a few seconds.  Right???

Ha!  Just this second, tech hubby asked “How big is the drive in your MacBook?”  (He’s working on my time machine backup storage today, on his day off from his other job.)  My reply?  A blank stare, followed by me handing him the MacBook.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I know my way around a computer where I need to.  I can retouch a photo better than anyone I know, and I can do things in photography that make my heart sing.  I’m a smart capable woman.  I have simply decided that with tech hubby in the picture, I just don’t need to do everything, and so I’ve grown quite comfortable in that.  So comfortable in fact, that I have no idea what my network passwords are.  He’s only a text away, right?

So, todays post is for my husband.  I don’t thank you enough, but I do feel it.  Thanks for not growing angry at my blank stares and unreasonable requests, and thanks for keeping things running smoothly on my website, oh! and thanks so so SO much for doing Twitter for me!!  Seriously, I know you want me to learn it but there aren’t enough hours in the day already.  This post has already taken me a half hour to compose, and now I have to go looking for a photo to accompany it (because you always tell me that posts with photos get more traffic) and I’ll likely get sidetracked in that and that’ll be another hour lost… you get where I’m going here.

Lastly, I want to thank you for this kid.  I know this is from last fall, but it’s still just the cutest ever.  He gets his moves from you.




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