Happy Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary!!

  • January 31, 2013

UPDATED: See below.

I can be a bad wife, I’ll admit it.  I don’t always listen carefully, I agree to do things and then never do them, I’m suddenly very forgetful (I blame post pregnancy and lack of sleep for that one!) and I never put a new bag in the garbage can after removing the full one.  That being said, I never thought I’d be the one to not acknowledge an anniversary.  Earlier this January, I did just that.

I knew our anniversary was coming up, I remembered about a week earlier and thought to myself  “Gotta get something cool for Jared this year!”  Now I can blame it on Cole keeping me up half the night and filling my days to the extreme, I can blame the weather, I can blame the fact that Jared was home sick with a terrible flu… there are lots of reasons.  Whichever one(s) it was, when he handed me a card and a gift on the morning of our anniversary I had nothing to give him.  Oh the guilt!!  He says he doesn’t care, but it’s only been 4 years that we’ve been married.  Is the magic gone already??  I promised I’d make it up to him and today I figured out how.

When we first had Cole, both Jared and I scoured the internet for cool baby photo ideas.  As a photographer, I had something to prove, right?  Well, an avid slowpitch player and football fan, Jared found several sports related photos that he loved and wanted to set up with Cole.  One that he really wanted was a photo of his tiny newborn cuddled up asleep next to a baseball bat and a baseball.  Awwww… sounds cute, right?  If you’ve read my previous post about my “non newbornish newborn” you’ll see why this was impossible.  Not only was my son unwilling to cuddle up “crumpled newborn style” next to anything, he also hated having his photo taken and would do his best to ruin every frame.  Willful like mama and stubborn like papa.  That’s my boy.

These days however, Cole is smiling at us and “talking” and fairly agreeable for a brief period of time in between eating and napping.  In that fleeting window of time today, we did our own version of a slowpitch photo for his dad.  These are for you, Jared.  Happy Anniversary.

UPDATED: Well, you give him an inch and he’ll ask for a mile.  My husband loved the slowpitch photo session that Cole and I cooked up for him (though he did point out that our child is nearly as long as the bat and the baby in his “photo inspiration” was much, much smaller!) and after thanking me, promptly asked for a football related session to go with it.  Huh.  You’re welcome, and are you serious?  Ok then.  Here goes!

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