Brooke & Orrie

  • September 25, 2011

Yesterday I did engagement photos for Brooke and Orrie in Saskatoon.  We started out downtown, drinking Starbucks and wandering through back alleys, looking for unique backgrounds and lighting.  Once we got past the smells (and there were a lot of them!) they loosened right up and I got some spontaneous and adorable photos of them.

We then walked down to the river to get some photos with the fall leaves in the background.  Aside from the “Steroid Monkey” (who yelled from his bright red truck with the pumping stereo that we were crossing the street too slowly!) we had just as much fun there, and again, spontaneous and adorable photos resulted.

As the sun was setting, we decided to go looking for a canola field.  We hopped into the car and started driving.  And driving.  And driving.  That field’s too dark.  That field has a high fence.  That field has too many weeds (did I mention Orrie’s an agrologist??)  Finally we found the perfect field with a little dirt road beside and the sun touching the horizon behind.  It was magical.  Both kids are from the farm, so I think finding a way to incorporate a field was really special to them.

They were fantastic to photograph and I can’t wait for the wedding next summer!!

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