Hi! I’m Erin. (Insert goofy wave here.)

I’m one of those people who just wants more of everything. My favourite colour is blue, but not a single type of blue. ALLLLLL of the blues from turquoise to periwinkle to indigo. I like to order new items at restaurants (even if I loved what I ate last time,) because what if I love the new thing even more??  My tableware doesn’t match because I’m into so many different styles and textures, and quite honestly, it drives my husband mad. The word minimalist is NOT one that fits my persona. Eclectic. Artistic. Comfort. Real. These are my words.

Photography is the act of combining skill, technique, and light to create a desired image. Sounds simple, right? Only, if you don’t have the right technique to direct and frame your subject, or if you can’t make them laugh when it counts, or if you don’t understand how light works and if you don’t have the skill to use it to your advantage, you’re not going to get that photo. You need all three to make it work. (Add a charming personality to the mix and holy doodles, you’re the real deal!)

I’m not here to “capture your memories.” Capturing is an accident. It’s driven by luck. I’m here to craft what’s in front of me to create a beautiful and memorable photograph of you. Every. Single. Time.